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With such a complex and ever-changing planning system it’s important to work with an experienced team…


Our experienced team can manage any planning issues, whether it be with our in-house architectural team or with the aid of external consultants.

Our team can submit and monitor any form of planning permission that may be required – providing clarity, commitment and enthusiasm to drive your projects to a successful outcome.

We believe planning is at the core of the development process, and our team are able to deal comprehensively with all planning matters, as well as providing any accompanying documentation including design and access statements and justification statements.

Services include:

  • Feasibility Planning
  • General Planning Application
  • Large Scale Community Planning
  • Planning Strategy
  • Design & Access Statement
  • Environmental Statement
  • Retail and Town Centre Impact Statement
  • Planning Policy Research and Advice
  • Planning Appeal Process

Statutory Applications

On completion of a feasibility study, once initial planning designs have been approved we begin collating all the relevant information to enable a successful planning application. Due to the time conditions and complexity of the planning procedure a feasible design proposal is essential. By utilising our knowledge, contacts and experience our team can help deliver solutions, often resulting in a successful application.

Cox Design and Consult will convey your proposals through the planning procedure from conception to planning permission acquisition. The type of permission required will be assessed and the design will be accompanied by the necessary plans of the site, the required supporting documentation and the completed application form.

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Planning Advice

Pre-application advice is recommended even if you wish to complete the planning application yourself.

An informal discussion with a member of our team regarding a proposed planning application can help clarify the local requirements of each planning authority, reduce the likelihood of submitting invalid applications and help you understand how planning policies and other requirements affect your proposals.

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Space Planning

The internal space of a building can greatly affect the satisfaction and performance of its users, and therefore careful planning is essential.

Our team firstly identify the way people move through a space to perform their daily tasks. Our interior plans work with the natural flow, and designs are created to assist the functions that take place within the building. Room shape, lighting, acoustics, and tactile response of the interiors are fundamental to the whole design concept and are comprehensively considered by our design team.

For either new-build projects or refurbishments we will work closely with you to ensure their properties internal environments meet the needs of their users.

Our clients’ space requirements are met by providing the following services:

  • Comprehensive, interactive end-user consultations.
  • CAD design for space planning and furniture layout.
  • Planning and management for office moves.
  • Design for people with special needs.

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