Cox Design and Consult

We are a multi-disciplinary building consultancy, delivering a broad and flexible range of professional services…


Our work is influenced by the need for sustainable design, engineering and construction techniques.

As our core business is directly working within the built environment, we believe that we have a responsibility to present our clients with ideas on achieving an element of sustainability in each of their ventures, whilst understanding and justifying the potential impacts on a project's budget.

We aim to maximise the value of our clients' assets through assisting in every stage of work, from detailed design, consultancy and engineering to specialist projects delivery.

Our success is based on a clear understanding of our clients' needs and their right to receive structured advice that is both personal and thoroughly professional.

How We Work…

COX has grown from strength to strength due to our ability to create an innovative solution for all scenarios.

We are sized to provide a comprehensive and responsive service, yet we maintain personal attention and are one of few consultancies on this scale offering integrated technical skills and project delivery across the UK/EMEA.

We have a dedicated and highly experienced team, who can guide you through your project, from concept through to delivery. Our approach to teamwork allows us to achieve the highest standards of professionalism and deliver the very best service to our clients.

All projects undertaken by COX will be handled by a team of specialists who will deliver stakeholder objectives; to achieve the best solution, with a great understanding of sustainability ethic and at a price which represents exceptional value for money.

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