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Cox Design and Consult were appointed by Virgin Media to conduct surveys of existing buildings in preparation for their refurbishment.

CDP were instructed to undertake surveys of the existing properties and produce accurate, detailed drawings to a consistent high standard and to calculate the internal gross floor area and the net internal area for each site to identify the useable office space. There were 29 sites in total, all of which were office based units varying from 2 storeys to 8 storey buildings with areas ranging from 5,000 to 45,000 sq. ft.

To ensure that the proposed plans for these works were accurate, all sites were programmed and tracked to ensure the survey teams would be dispatched allowing enough drawing and quality control time to deliver to each site when required, this ensured best practicality for the client.

The surveys included full structural measurements to pick up dividing partition walls, doors, windows, toilets and accesses to identify the workable space available. Once returning to the office with the detailed site notes, our Project Designers produced the required high standard and quality of plans to be submitted to Virgin Media for the set deadline.

When given the allotted sites our team had to meet a challenging deadline of completion in just two weeks, this included the surveying and drawing up. It was important that these two actions had taken precedence in order to achieve the set deadline. We at CDP where very pleased with the completion of these surveys to the highest standard and within the deadline set by the client.

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